There has been some industry speculation on whether the Environment Agency could extend the deadline on ESOS compliance. The 5 December is frighteningly close, even for those getting near the end of their ESOS compliance journey, and much more so for those just at the beginning.

This week we have spoken to the Environment Agency amid widespread concerns on the low number of businesses which have actually notified compliance to date – 199 at the last reckoning on 9 September.

We were told that “There can be no extension to the deadline, it is in the Regulations.”  Quizzed on the number of companies likely to miss the deadline, the spokesman said “It is too early to tell. We can’t say numbers. It is still difficult, even with 3 months to go.

“There are so many ways of complying that we are not necessarily seeing the full picture.”

However, the EA is confident that “Awareness is high.” And that a lot of people do know and are working on it. If your organisation has to comply and hasn’t made a start call our team on 0844 875 1600 to arrange a call or meeting to discuss an approach and price for compliance.

The spokesman went on to say: “Everyone is deadline driven and our experience is that in the last few weeks 50% of total submissions are made in that space of time.”

The EA will be announcing more information on how it plans to tackle those organisations which do miss the deadline within the next few weeks: “At the end of this month or early next to outline our approach to non-compliance and enforce it.”

“It is a requirement that people do need to do it.”

We can also expect to hear more about the benefits of the initiative, including the publication of case studies.  “It is important not to lose sight that energy savings will save money.”

However, the Agency is anxious to explain that it is listening to people’s experience and understands “It is a challenge” and that “there is work to do.”

“We want to reassure people that we are listening and understand concerns”

So… watch this space. We will inform you of any further announcement from the Environment Agency via our newsletter. If you would like to speak to one of our ESOS assessors today call us on 0844 875 1600.

If you require help in achieving your ESOS compliance please contact our dedicated team of experts by emailing or phone 0844 875 1600.