Speaking to a lot of organisations who have to comply with ESOS, a common question we get is “what energy data do I need to gather for compliance?”

In this blog post we will give you the essential information regarding what energy data you need to gather so if you haven’t already sourced it you are aware what needs to be done.


•You must use a common unit e.g. kWh. If your data is in different units we can convert it to one common unit for you.

•You must include all input energy use e.g. for buildings, industrial processes and transport for a consecutive 12 month period, including the 31st December, 2014. For example March 2014 – March 2015.

•You must take account of all forms of energy including combustible fuels, heat renewables, and electricity.


•Data can be obtained from invoices, meter readings or from annual statements. Our ESOS software and project managers can work with a lot of different types of data.

•For liquid and solid fuel, data will come from delivery notes or from storage tank level readings.

•Additional data may be available from sub-metering of specific areas or buildings, or of specific equipment. If there are gaps with data, reasonable estimates should be used. Our ESOS assessor can help with how to best use estimates where there’s a lack of data and ensure you meet the legislation requirements.

•Transport data includes include energy consumed by road, rail, air or water-borne transport, i.e.:

oCompany cars on business use

oFleet vehicles on business use

oPersonal and hire cars on business use

oPrivate jets, fleet aircraft, trains ships or drilling platforms

•You need to measure transport energy consumed during the course of any journey which start or ends in the UK. (You can choose to include transport outside the UK).

•If there are gaps then reasonable estimates should be made and recorded, with assumptions in the evidence pack noted and signed off by our lead assessor.


If you are yet to gather your energy data and have any questions following this post call the Enistic team on 0844 875 1600.

However, if you already have your energy data to hand but are yet to appoint a lead assessor contact us to arrange a no obligation scoping meeting. During which we will analyse your data and come up with an approach, time frame and fixed price for guaranteed compliance. Call 0844 875 1600 to arrange one.