If you are one of the 7000+ companies that are required to be Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme compliant then your building, transport and process energy use will need to be documented and assessed. How do I know if my company qualifies?

You qualify if you have either:

  1. 250 employees
  2. A turnover of over £39,000,000 and a balance sheet in excess of £33,000,000.


  1. Your organisation is part of a larger organisation in which any part of the organisation falls into either of these categories.

Here are the 5 main reasons to take action on ESOS phase 2 now:

10 months to go to ESOS phase 2 deadline

The deadline for submitting your notification of ESOS Phase 2 compliance is the 5th December 2019. As we know from our ten years of trading this will roll around quickly. Before you know it, Christmas will be on the horizon again. We advise starting your ESOS Phase 2 compliance sooner rather than later to avoid missing or rushing the deadline. Transport calculations can, for instance, take longer than you think and be complicated due to the sheer number of mileage claims.   

This time the Environment Agency is taking no prisoners.

You may be reading this thinking to yourself that you’ve done it all before in 2015 and this time around it will be easy. But this time the Environment Agency will have a “get it right first time or else” policy. Our senior official contact at the Environment Agency mentioned to us:

“The first time around it was new for everyone.  Companies did not know it was coming and if data was missing or the wrong procedures were applied then there was a degree of tolerance because of this and understanding of the situation.

For ESOS Phase 2, however, companies do know it is coming and there we will be less tolerant if the correct data has not been collected or the correct procedures applied.”

Even with this relatively relaxed stance, ESOS phase 1 has already resulted in fines totalling £157,770. 15 businesses fell foul of the Environment Agency fines including:

  • Gumtree – £12,000
  • eBay (UK) Ltd – £12,000
  • Amdocs (UK) Ltd – £45,000

For ESOS audits, Enistic guarantees compliance.

Costs increase as the deadline closes In

The auditing process is complex and site assessors are in limited supply. This is why the closer the deadline looms the more expensive assessments become. If assessors need to put in longer hours to get the job done before the compliance deadline date, it will show in their invoices.

Your company will need to show 12 months of consecutive energy data and this must fall across the qualification date of 31st December 2018. So, in theory, it is possible to submit your notification of compliance now.

Energy management could save your company 20%

Why stop at being ESOS compliant, why not make the most of the process you are required to go through? On average companies that implement recommendations save 20% on energy costs. Up to 8% of these changes are soft changes, which don’t require huge investment. They are things like staff behaviour change, regular maintenance and efficiency driving courses. For hard changes investment would be made in things like LED lighting and motion sensors, variable power to motors and other machinery and electric and hybrid vehicles to name just a few.

Customers spend more with green companies

According to a Nielsen Global Corporate Sustainability Report, two-thirds of consumers would spend more on a product if it came from a sustainable brand. This was true of 73% of the surveyed millennials who now make up more people in work than any other age group.

Sustainable conscientiousness is becoming more mainstream than ever before. So being able to say your company is green is a great message that could attract new customers and nurture existing ones.

What next?

Enistic is the market leader in ESOS energy auditing with over ten years of experience in the energy management sector. We offer a top quality service that you can depend on for your ESOS requirements. If you have any questions or you would like Enistic’s help with ESOS Phase 2 compliance, ISO50001 or SECR please get in contact with one of our lead assessors on 01865 598 776 or email on info@Enistic.com.