How much energy do you use overnight?

Your buildings may be using energy throughout the night even when no one is working. Energy is wasted any time lighting, heating or anything else that uses energy is on when no one is using it. It may sound obvious, but millions of pounds are wasted through a lack of energy management every night (and day). If we take note of where energy is being used where it doesn’t need to be, we can save a huge amount of money with a relatively small investment in energy monitoring solutions. Take lighting for instance, a traditional incandescent bulb uses around 60w of electricity or about 0.9p each hour. So if you are leaving the lights on overnight, let’s say 12hours, for every 100 light bulbs you are wasting an estimated £3942, annually.

How to improve energy efficiency

Initially it’s as simple as walking around your buildings when everyone has left for the day and taking note of what is still consuming power. It will be quickly evident if lights, heating, fans or machinery are still using energy. The next step is to measure this wasted energy. This is where Enistic comes in. With our energy monitoring system you will be able to log on and see exactly where your energy is being used and vis-à-vis where your money is going. This will give you the information you need to make changes that can save you a large chunk of your energy bill.

Reduce your baseload and you’ll reduce your energy bill.

Let’s take a look at one of our clients as an example. Enistic has a contract with a private school. One of the boarding houses has a baseload of about 234kW. Now this over the course of a year, assuming energy costs around £1000 per year per kW, equates to £234,000 worth of potential savings. With our metering system the school has been able to identify where this energy is going so they can implement cost saving changes.

Energy Management

When you know where your energy is going you can start to make changes. Hotel energy management for instance can be improved by introducing sensors. Hotels must light service corridors, store rooms, cold stores and toilets for staff constantly. The sensors turn on the lights as staff members use things, switching them off when staff members have finished.   

Enistic’s Energy Monitoring System

We can install your energy monitoring solutions quickly and easily so that you can start using our industry leading online energy management software in a couple of days. These systems will then allow you to identify where you are wasting energy allowing you to implement energy saving solutions.  

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