The impact of the ESOS reports, SECR reports and government 2050 greenhouse gas emissions is that more and more companies are assessing their carbon footprint and trying to find a way to be more responsible with their energy usage. 


Enistic, as part of their work in the Streamline Energy and Carbon Report, are advising clients to consider starting an Environmental Group. These are your volunteer Energy Warriors within your workforce tasked with tackling sustainability targets and launching activities and projects.


This can be aimed only at internal stakeholders or, perhaps more importantly, involve external stakeholders from clients to suppliers. 


What are the advantages of having an Environmental Group?

There are many advantages of having an environmental group in your company:

– Low or zero cost way to open conversation on sustainability

– Increases employee engagement and positivity

– Allows you to review your day-to-day activities to see where you can reduce waste and consumption, for example by recycling and monitoring energy and water usage

– Improves approval ratings from stakeholders and clients allowing great opportunities for positive social media activity 

– Helps to lower operational costs


We can help you get started

Enistic are looking to work with such groups, aiming at providing materials, ideas and actual targets.  

These include energy monitoring projects, transport policy groups, and discussions around making the workplace and practices more energy efficient.  For those of you concentrating on costs rather than just looking for justification, these groups normally produce a reduction in operational costs rather than increase them.


“Bringing environmental sustainability into routine organisational life requires that we understand the obstacles to change in each organisation and learn how to overcome impediments to change”  Steve Cohen, Earth Institute


For companies who have already done this and who are looking to develop a managed path to Carbon Neutrality, we can assist you in many other ways. Click here to download our free carbon neutrality guide


What next?

Book a free consultation with lead assessor Darryl Mattocks to discuss how to best set up an environmental group in your company.


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