Technologies | Led Lighting 

LED Lighting Saves up to 90% of your energy use.

Better quality of light means fewer headaches for staff (and pupils if you’re a school)

Lamps last longer and need less maintenance – there are no fluorescent tube starters to replace.

Funding your new LED Lights

Free - Public Sector Heat Decarbonisation Fund

If you can move quickly, the UK Government has allocated £1billion into decarbonisation projects and LED lighting qualifies if fitted alongside a Heat Pump (or you already have heat-pumps fitted).

The challenge is that the fund is closing soon and all applications must be in before 11th January 2021.

Tax-Efficient Lease Purchase

We organise the funding of your new lighting in such a way that the cost of the lease payments and the tax savings you make are at least balanced by the savings you make from your lights.

Effectively you get a system free of charge with no capital outlay.

LED Lighting Exploration Meeting

Request a callback to arrange a 20-minute initial meeting over Zoom or MS Teams.  

We can check your suitability for LED lights, explain what grants you can claim for, explain the funding process and answer any questions you may have.

If you are thinking of the new £1billion grant scheme, then be aware that this is a time sensitive fund. All funding requests must be submitted before January 11th, 2021.

Make sure you don’t miss out.