SECR | The Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting Framework
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ESOS Phase 3 data is due in 2023

SECR and ESOS Phase 3 require the same data. Enisitic can compile both reports for you cutting down your workload and saving you time.

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All large quoted and unquoted companies have to comply with the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting framework as of April 2019. Enistic are the perfect partner. 


Why Enistic?

  • Guaranteed legal compliance
  • Fast and accurate reporting
  • A full energy overview included
  • Targeted operational cost efficiencies
  • Cost effective expertise
  • Services tailored to your business




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Energy Usage Reviews


Installing smart meters that take readings at half-hour intervals allows us to highlight where and when your energy usage is at its highest.

The baseline energy is the amount of energy you use all the time, no matter what time of day or night.

High levels are often a result of equipment being left on overnight. Using a smart meter helps us to identify ways wasted energy could be decreased in order to lower the baseline level and ultimately reduce energy costs.

secr compliance

Above shows the data collected from one of our smart readers in electricity usage (kWh) per 30 minutes

The data collected from smart meters means we can establish the capacity charge that is most appropriate for your company. The capacity charge is the level of power reserved for you to guarantee the provision of a certain volume of power to meet your energy demands.

If this level is set too high, you could be paying unnecessary costs. If too low, then your required power supply cannot be guaranteed. Going over the capacity could result in huge fines (often 2-3 times the usual cost).

Case Studies


SECR Compliance

Discover how we reduced energy consumption by 23% and helped achieve a payback within 14 months

SECR Compliance

UK data centres

Discover how UK data centres have used Enistic energy monitoring to save energy and allocate costs

SECR Compliance

St John Ambulance Service

Discover how our smart meter solution and energy monitoring helped St John Ambulance Service reduce energy usage by 60%

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What is SECR?

From April 2019 all businesses need to include a detailed analysis of their energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and energy management projects in their annual published accounts. This is specifically aimed to simplify carbon reporting whilst highlighting to companies where they could reduce energy costs, emissions and fuel consumption. It is an opportunity to make energy policy and management decisions to benefit the company and the planet.

  • SECR has a degree of cross over with the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) scheme.
  • SECR does not charge for emissions like CRC does, instead the CCL (the Climate Change Levy) has been increased to cover reduced tax revenue, from 0.583 p/kWh to 0.847 p/kWh.
Do I qualify for compliance?

Your company qualifies as a large company and therefore the SECR framework if:

– It is a UK quoted company (MGHG)

Or a UK listed company with two out of three of the following:

-Number of employees greater than 250

-A gross turnover of over £36m

-A gross balance sheet total of over £18m

What is required?

Quoted Companies will have to as a minimum supply:

  • Global Greenhouse Cases Protocol Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions
  • Previous year’s figures, except for the first year
  • Methodology employed
  • At least one intensity ration (eg. 37kWhs per m2 or 610 kWhs per tonne processed)

And for financial years starting after April 1st 2019:

  • Global energy use
  • What was done to increase energy efficiency

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) and Unquoted Companies will have to supply:

  • Electricity, gas and transport usage at a minium
  • Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions
  • One intensity ratio at a minimum (eg. 37kWh per m2 or 610 kWh per tonne processed)
  • Methodology
  • Previous years figures, except in the first year
What will I get from Enistic?
  • Guaranteed SECR compliance
  • Fast and accurate report generation
  • Increased stakeholder trust
  • Cost-effective expertise
  • A full energy overview

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